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Maggie has a background in education and special education. She is a survivor of PPD, and is thankful for the quick & compassionate care she received from her provider and PPSM! She also volunteers for Babywearing Twin Cities. 

Do you have any skills that most people don't know about? My undergraduate degree is in studio art with a concentration in metal sculpture. I primarily worked in bronze, but also dabbled in steel. I even considering becoming a professional welder after graduation.

What do you wish other people knew about PMADs? There is this persistent image of motherhood as a beautiful experience, which it can be, but it certainly isn't all the time. I think many women suffer longer than they need to because they think they're the only one who feels a certain way, or believe they won't get better, when in reality PMADs are common and there are many effective treatments.


Mental Health Emergency?  
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