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Sarah has over 10 years experience treating adults, adolescents, and couples in community mental health centers, addiction centers, as well as in private practice. She specializes in helping women who are suffering with PMADs, miscarriage, and infertility issues.

What do you wish more people knew in regards to PMADs?

More awareness that some women experience trauma during labor & delivery, and some women with a history of sexual trauma can be triggered during labor and delivery. It is so important that providers be aware of this & be sensitive to women during this vulnerable time.

Your favorite books?

I love any book by Brene Brown.

Do you have any skills or talents that most people don’t know about?

I'm a little rusty, but I can play piano. I took lessons for many years as a kid and even continued for a bit in college. Sadly I don't play much anymore.

Mental Health Emergency?  
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