PPSM offers many opportunities for members of our community as well as our organizational members to receive advanced training in PMADs, as well as CMEs. We have multiple speakers who can meet with your group.

We have a strong belief that those involved in the care of an individual who may be suffering or displaying symptoms should have advanced training.

This is a set of disorders that have a complex etiology. Those suffering deserve understanding as well as the best care possible.


Perinatal Mental Health and Psychiatry Training  8 am-4:30 pm- Dates & Locations below

This training, facilitated by the Board, will help you to better understand perinatal mental health complications including antenatal/postpartum depression,

anxiety, OCD and psychosis. The training will cover risk factors, symptoms and interventions. It is ideal for mental health professionals,

psychiatric prescribers, OB/GYNs and Midwives.Topics include: Introduction to PPSM, Perinatal Mood Disorders, PMAD’s and Partners,

Perinatal Loss, Suicide/Infanticide, Therapeutic Interventions, Local Resources, Psychiatric Medications in Pregnancy, Genetic Influences,

Hormone Influences and Psychiatric Medications in Lactation.

Water, coffee and bagels are provided during morning registration. Lunch will also be provided. Please note any food allergies,

sensitivities or restrictions in the comments when registering.

If you have questions, please contact Samantha Huguelet, DNP, ARPN

Upcoming trainings:

October 18, 2019- Minneapolis: Registration

January 17, 2020- Rochester: Registration

April 17, 2020- Minneapolis: Registration

Fees & CE Approval:

CME's $200.00, CEU's $150.00, Student rate: $75.00

There are two scholarships available per training. Apply here: Scholarship request form

Boards/Organizations that have approved this training:

  • American Academy of Family Physicians - 7.75 CME
  • Minnesota Board of Nursing- 7.75 CME
  • Minnesota Board of Social Work (CEP #1141) 7.75 CEU
  • Minnesota Board of Marriage & Family Therapy (#2019-025) 7 CEU
  • Postpartum Support International has approved this as an advanced training for psychopharmacology.

PSI Advanced Psychotherapy & Advanced Psychopharmacology training
August 9th, 2019, 9:00 am - 3:00 pm, Minneapolis

The PSI Advanced perinatal mental health certificate course is for professionals who need this final step in order to sit for the Perinatal Mental Health certification exam. There are two separate trainings:

Advanced Psychotherapy, for mental health professionals. Full details and application information here: Registration

Advanced Psychopharmacology, for psychiatric prescribers. Full details and application information here: Registration

Perinatal Mental Health Community & Volunteer Training- Edina
August 7th, 2019, 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

This training will help you to better understand perinatal mental health complications including antenatal/postpartum depression, anxiety, OCD and psychosis. It is ideal for any person who comes into contact with pregnant/postpartum families including mental health professionals, public health and clinic nurses, childbirth educators and birth professionals such as doulas, integrative providers such as chiropractors, acupuncturists, occupational/physical therapists, and holistic/naturopathic doctors.

The training is facilitated by Allison Peterson, MA, LP PPSM Helpline Director and Licensed Psychologist/Owner of Mindful Families, LLC. If you have questions please contact Maggie Rocke

The Community portion of the training is scheduled from 9:00 am- 1:00 pm. 4 CEU’s are available. The fee is $75.00, however scholarships are available. The application form can be found here. 

This will be the final training of this kind in 2019. For full details, and to register, click here.

Postpartum Support International Trainings

PSI offers several online trainings and certifications for those who would like a more in-depth training. The majority of these trainings will make you eligible to apply for membership, and be part of our Professional Resource List. Trainings are detailed on PSI's website.

As the state chapter for PSI, we receive 10 scholarships per year for a $100 discount on any PSI training. If you are interested in applying for one of these scholarships, please see the forms below. Scholarships are for MN residents only.

PSI President's Advisory Council series (online webinars- learn at your own pace). Scholarship application

PSI 2-day certificate training (will require travel- not currently available locally). Scholarship application

PSI and 2020 Mom Maternal Mental Health Certificate Training  Webinar series- live and recorded versions available. Begins September 9th, 2019; deadline for registration September 4th, 2019. Scholarship application


Private PMAD Training

If your organization would like for a representative from PPSM to come to your facility to provide a training, we would be delighted to provide this. These trainings typically last 1-2 hours and we ask that you make a donation to our organization in exchange for the training.

Please contact us at


Professional Education

We offer continuing education to providers that will enhance knowledge of standardized treatment protocols, share current evidence-based research, and clinical pearls. Our goal is to help improve clinical outcomes of families by effectively treating this sensitive population. We will help you understand the reality of risks and benefits in treatments.

The education team, led by Samantha Huguelet, DNP, APRN, are specialists in reproductive mental health and can come to your office to provide educational presentations and round-table discussions based on your clinical needs. Samantha is a specialist in reproductive psychiatry and Education Director of Pregnancy and Postpartum Support Minnesota (PPSM/PSI-MN). Crystal Clancy, MA LMFT, PMH-C is a specialist in perinatal mental health therapy, and is one of the founding members and director of PPSM. Both have been working with perinatal mental health for the past decade.

If you would like more information about training, please complete the following form:

Contact Form

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