Pregnant women and postpartum parents are not getting connected with the help they need.

This is a problem, because 1 in 5 new moms, and 1 in 10 new dads will become depressed. An even higher number will struggle with anxiety. And overall, these numbers are only what is being reported. PPSM provides these parents and parents-to-be with mental health resources that they may be unaware of, or too fearful to speak up on their own about.

We make an impact by providing the following:

HelpLine/Free Peer Support

  • Provider and Community Resource List that is organized and vetted, so that struggling parents don’t have to do the busywork of making phone calls that may go nowhere.
  • Community and Provider education and support, because often, providers also do not know where to get help for patients they are concerned about. We help connect them!
  • Postcards, available to providers, hospitals and community organizations who regularly come into contact with pregnant women and new parents, that advertise our services, and help them get connected. A screening tool is on the back for quick reference.

With our assistance, new parents are getting the help they need sooner, which decreases the likelihood of long-term effects of untreated depression, anxiety, trauma or grief. We are also decreasing the likelihood of needing a higher level of care by letting parents know they are not alone. This past year, we have assisted 200 callers in the Twin Cities Metro Area in need of connection to services. 

PPSM is a volunteer-run organization, and our services are free. Your support will help us continue providing services free of charge, and make sure that the providers who support this population have our resources available to give to patients!

Please use  the general email  for requests for services. This email is for general questions about the organization, request for training, and requests for helpline cards. 

Mental Health Emergency?  
  Go to the nearest Emergency Room
       Call 911      NAMI MN Crisis Resources (click here).

PPSM (PSI-MN) Mailing address:
701 Washington Ave N
Ste 111-167
Minneapolis 55401

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