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As a survivor of both infertility and PPD, Crystal knows how hard and lonely it can be. She has built a private practice specializing in perinatal mental health (Iris Mental Health in Burnsville), and was one of the founding members of PPSM. She is also involved with PSI as a State Coordinator, as well as being part of the Justice & Advocacy Committee, working to better arm expert witnesses with the education that they need to be involved in perinatal mental health related court cases. 

What's your first memory of being involved with PPSM?

I have been around since the beginning of PPSM-- and I remember my first time that I met with just Suzanne (Swanson- the founder). It was my first time meeting her, and I developed a stomach bug while on my way to our lunch date, and had to run to the bathroom in the middle of the meeting. Poor Suzanne. However, she is such a warm, caring person, that she really acted like it wasn't a big deal, and fortunately, she still wanted me involved!!

Do you have any skills or talents that most people don’t know about?

I have a head stored with music lyrics and movie quotes, but can’t remember what I had for breakfast.

What is something people in your industry/niche have to deal with that you want to change?

Understanding that treating this population is a specialty that requires advanced training & experience. Most insurance companies and provider directories have "postpartum depression" as a box to check, and anyone can check it. Working with perinatal mental health is a specialty that needs to be separated out, just like eating disorders or chemical dependency.

What might someone be surprised to know about you?

That I am an introvert, and really dislike small talk. It's also why I hate (HATE) talking on the phone. I will do anything I can to avoid it. I really need my downtime to recharge! Reading, watching Netflix, or just trying to catch some quiet time help!

You may email Crystal at director@ppsupportmn.org

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