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MN Community Resource List

Twin Cities Metro Area Resources


Mind/Body Program for Fertility and Family Building

 Relax with meditation, guided imagery, cognitive restructuring and more. Learn from specialists in acupuncture and couples' massage. Call 651-226-4704 or email

Missing GRACE Foundation 


Provides comfort, support, education and resources for those experiencing pregnancy loss, infant loss, infertility, or adoption challenges. Also provides materials for professional care providers.

RESOLVE Support Groups 

Peer-led and professionally-led support groups for difficulty conceiving and miscarriage or loss. Details and locations on the website. Call: Melissa Tapper 612.207.1722 

The Cocoon Support Group                                                                                                  

An infertility support group and blog. This group meets monthly and provides an outlet for woman to come together to share their stories why expressing their feelings. More information on the group can be found on the website and if you would like to know when and where to attend the next meeting please contact Laura at:

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