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Welcome to the beginning of your healing!  We are very aware that reaching out for help can be very scary and confusing.  Many women suffer in silence for many reasons.  At PPSM, we are trying to break that silence.  We are here to listen, to support you, to help guide you in your recovery. 
Please click on the following links below to open the resource list that contains the type of provider that you are looking for.  All providers have been vetted to determine their competency and advanced training in Perinatal Mental Health. 

NOTE:   It is important to note that information on this site is not a replacement for or supplement to diagnosis or treatment by a qualified health care professional. While this website may introduce you to individuals and organizations committed to offering assistance for mothers, fathers and families in need of social support and information, Postpartum Support Minnesota cannot be responsible for any advice that may be provided by such individuals and organizations. Information accessed or provided through this website is neither complete nor exhaustive.  

If you need additional help in selecting a provider, please call, text, or email the Helpline at 612-787-PPSM (7776) or

Instructions on How to Search for a Provider:
We have made searching for providers in our lists easy.  Once you enter the list, click on "ADVANCED SEARCH" and choose what field you would like to search for - EXAMPLE:  if you want to search for a provider in your zip code, scroll down to zip code and enter the zip code you are searching and hit enter.  It will pull up ONLY those providers in that zip code.

Mental Health Provider Resource List

This is a list of licensed mental health professionals who have advanced clinical skills in the treatment of PMADs.

Integrative & Complementary Providers

This is a list of licensed or certified providers who practice alternative modalities of evidence-based treatment that compliment traditional medicine. They apply a "whole body" focus for healing, rather than treating the symptoms alone..

(Med Management) Provider Resource List

This is a list of licensed Psychiatrists who have advanced clinical skills in the treatment and medication management for PMADs and lactating mothers.

Community Resource List

This is a list of perinatal resources within our community.

Mental Health Emergency?

  Go to the nearest Emergency Room
  Call 911
  Call your healthcare provider

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