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Perinatal Loss

Dealing with a loss of any kind is very painful for most parents, as well as family members and friends. It is important to find a provider who has education about supporting families who have experienced pregnancy or infant loss, or are pregnant again after experiencing a loss, and the unique nuances that may occur.

Depending on your experience, you may be experiencing grief, depression, anxiety or trauma (or all of them!).

Your relationship may be struggling.

Your family and friends may not understand, or not know what to say.

You need someone who understands.

Many of the providers on our resource list have training in working with perinatal loss. If you would like assistance finding a provider with this specialized training, please contact the HelpLine- call/text 612/787-7776 or email

You will also find additional resources specific to loss or pregnancy after loss on our Community Resource List or by using the drop downs in the menu of this page.

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